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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Leap of Faith

It's done.

The plants are in the ground. All of them. There are no more plants for this season.

We went to the local nursery this morning and picked up the rest of the plants and seeds.

I worked on planting the thyme, oregano, basil, and parsley while Tim added some more dirt to the raised vegetable garden. I also wanted cilantro, but the nursery was out for today.

We did get our jalapeno plants today. They already have some blossoms, too. As of right now, there are little baby jalapenos in my garden. Let's see how many we have a month from now.

We planted two varieties of bell peppers. The "California Wonder" (a green bell pepper) and...

...the "Golden Belle" (a yellow bell pepper.)

For me, the big excitement was the tomatoes. We planted four "Roma" plants. Can you say pico de gallo?

The only thing not pictured are the "Nantes" Carrots and the "Buttercrunch" Lettuce. I planted those as seeds today.

This is me getting ready to water the garden and telling Tim not to take a picture.

Can I just say that two first-born children with strong opinions make interesting spouses. We have a great marriage (dont' get me wrong), but projects like planting highlight how much we both have opinions. For the record, it's usually a tie at the end of the project since we both listen to each other at least half the time.

This is the hanging plant that I picked up at the nursery. The pansies aren't necessary, but they're pretty. So I batted my eyes at Tim and waved some of my "fun" money that I can spend on anything and added the plant to the cart.

In one morning, our backyard has gone from sparse to green and blooming. We've made the leap of faith and spent all of the time and money to get this garden growing. Now, it's time to watch it grow.

Thanks for reading. I'll post more picks about once a week so we can see how things turn out.



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