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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birth Order

We planted onions, garlic, potatoes, and strawberries four weeks ago.

After 10 days, we had a few onions peeking through. (Look closely. They're there!)

We also had some garlic rising through the surface.

These plants kind of reminded me of the hulk. These big green stems cracking the soil as it rises up.

(Yes, I have a very active imagination. Don't be jealous. It has served me well all these years.)

As of two weeks ago, our box of dirt with tiny green plants actually started to look promising.

Notice Levi patrolling the perimeter. He keeps these plants safe. He knows no fear -- as long as you give him about 20 feet of space.

Anyways, back to the plants!

Currently, we've had obvious luck with onions and garlic.

The onions were first. As the first borns, they are probably bossing around all of the other plants. I know this because I am a first born. I can relate to the pressure the onions feel to demonstrate how plants are supposed to grow.

Then there was the garlic. The garlic was only a few days behind. Adorable with it's bright, waxy green stems. The youngest child (err...plant), the garlic recieved many oo's and ah's.

Unfortunately, though, the garlic has been bumped from the youngest child (plant) spot.

*drumroll, please*

We now have potatoes!

As of today, there are four tiny, cute, leafy green (too many adjectives??) potatoe sprouts coming up. There is a new vegetable joining the garden. If we had showers for baby plants, we would arrange one for our potatoes. However, we are semi-normal people, so I just celebrate on-line.

We have potatoes! We have potatoes! After four weeks, they're not dead! We did something right! We're growing potatoes!

Okay. Enough celebration. Now for the next question: What's with the strawberries? They still haven't sprouted.

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