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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The First Plants

Well, we have plants in our vegetable garden!

First, we planted onions.

It turns out that you buy onion starters by the pound. One pound gave us about three times the amount you see in this picture. We have extras if you need any. These are yellow onions because that's what the local nursery had on hand.

After the onions, I planted strawberries.

I still think strawberry starters look funny. Kind of a big knot with these spindly branches shooting off.

We've tried strawberries before without much luck. I'm praying for more success this time!

After the strawberries, we planted garlic. (By the way, when I say "we" it's figurative. Tim is on hand for any hard manual labor and Levi is available for the best advice a Yorkie can give. I did all of the dirty planting.)

I was surprised that garlic starters are just garlic cloves. Does that mean I could have just used the stuff in my kitchen? (I dunno, but somebody does. If that someone's you, please feel free to comment.)

The last thing we planted today was the potatoes.

Again, these are just potatoes (Yukon Golds) that had eyes sprouting. You cut them into quarters and then plant them in the ground.

I can't think about harvesting potatoes without remembering all of the high school history classes that talked about Ireland and potatoes. Not sure why. Maybe it's an emotional connection? I'll mention that to my therapist.

(I don't really have one. I know you were worried. Or were you relieved? Hmm... Either way.)

Well, that's what we planted. Here's a few more pictures from our day:

Tim strung actual guidelines so I would know where each square foot is and not plant outside the appropriate area. It was his idea, but my type A personality liked the idea. Nice, neat, and organized. Judge us if you wish.

Further proof that I strive for organization. These are the garlic cloves that have been laid out before I plant them. I am normally not this organized, but little pieces of garlic are so easy to keep in rows. My desk at work does not look like this. *sad face*

I really appreciated the hand spade with the depths marked onto the blade. How deep is two inches? Well, it's when the two inch line on the shovel is even with the dirt. Very handy!

This is Levi. He is always ready to inspect our work. He will even lick the dirt to check the soil quality. And roll in the grass to make sure it is nice and soft for us. He is the inside dog that wishes he was an outside dog.

Well, that's it for today. Here in a few weeks I'll be planting tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, lettuce, and herbs. In the meantime, I'll post updates about the items I already have going.

Oh, and if there is a frost between now and then I will be posting some questions, so be ready to help!

Thanks for reading!



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