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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making the Bed

Yesterday, Tim and I took advantage of the nice weather before the latest cold front. To start,
we borrowed a friends truck and gathered what we needed at Lowe's.

Tim took pity on me and helped a lot. Helped = Did almost everything. I used the ruler and made the executive decisions, like "where should we put this thing?"

There was lots of drilling involved. (I don't believe I used that verb appropriately, but that's okay.)

At this point in the project, Tim started praying a lot.

At least, I think it was praying...

Either way, I asked if I could do anything to help. When he said no, I took a moment to tend the other garden that we have.

This garden is very prolific.

If this garden produced food instead of laundry, I could solve world hunger. I could bring world peace. I would be rich.

...but it doesn't.

Any who... I returned to check on the man, brought him some food for lunch, and eventually we had ourselves a box.

(Disclaimer: The camera is tilted. Not the box. Sorry. Still learning!)

It has it's issues, but who doesn't? We happened to pick some wood that was just as hard-headed as the two of us together. Then the wooden stakes that support the box started splitting. (There may have been another round of praying then. Not so sure.)

I'm hoping to add the dirt next weekend. ("I" being "We.") Our local nursery said their starter plants arrive next month, so we'll be adding some onions about mid-February.

As of right now, I still do not have a "garden" but I do have a box for one. The Green Patch Novice is moving on up!


(See this blog by the Pioneer Woman to see more specific directions.)

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